What food item does not work for you?

2 on November 27, 2019

Before the surgery we hear all these stories about xyz foods that you can no longer eat but I have found that I can basically eat anything (in moderation), but there are some things that I have tried but just won’t work. I’ve already fainted from drinking some alcohol (it was just two pina coladas with hardly any alcohol), also notice that dry meat just won’t go down! How about you all?

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I was never one for alcohol, so I don’t mind that.  I can pretty much drink or eat anything without problems.  Then again, I haven’t really had a ton of sugar like I used to eat because I’m afraid of triggering dumping syndrome.  It might happen, it might not happen – I don’t want to chance it. 

Can you eat soft preserved meats like Slim Jims, @Winnie2point0?

1 day ago

For me…roast beef steak…its a no

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