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Was sleeping a challenge for you post-op? I was more comfortable on my sofa for the first week. I’m also not a stomach sleeper, which I think helps during recovery.

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Sleep anxiety issues aren’t uncommon. Some have underlying issues but other times it’s as simple as stressing out over sleep. Especially when the alarm is set for an early hour. There’s some speculation that your body is sending you a message that the amount of sleep you have planned for that night may not be enough, and it’s being counterproductive in sending you an alarm signal for that. I’d suggest talking to your doctor, and keeping a journal of sleep and awake habits and activities to bring to your doctor and also to see if you can notice any emerging patterns, like…

How many nights a week do you set your alarm? When you don’t, how late do you sleep in, and how many hours of sleep do you get?

Can you try going to bed earlier than you do now? Or maybe even 10 minutes later just to break routine?

What are you typically doing the hour before you go to sleep? Are you rushing around trying to get everything ready for the next day, dozing off on the couch watching TV, or something else?

Good luck with this. Lack of sleep even without a heavy training load is never fun.

You should take a look at:

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