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Should I try to start a Keto diet?

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I start the steroid cycle and buy anabolic steroids in

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I started reading about keto and its benefits sometime during the mid 2016. This was a quest to find out a weight loss plan that actually worked. Trust me when I say that I have tried a lot of diets in the past. Here are a few issues I found with the calorie-restricted plans.

  1. They always kept me starved
  2. The left me tired by the end of the day
  3. The minute I had a cheat meal, my body started craving regular food and I went back to the old ways
  4. The weight loss was very slow and sometimes I lost just 1-2 kg a month, which was depressing

The one factor that made me pick up keto was ‘quick and rapid weight loss’. I lost about 10 kg in the first 2 months of following the diet and an additional 5 kg in the next 2 months. I was not obese and 15 kg bought me back to my regular BMI level.

Now, here are a couple of sample menus I followed during the diet. I am an Indian vegetarian and hence there is no meat included here . You can tweak the diet the way you want.

Morning 7- 8 AM

1 cup of bullet coffee – Add some fresh decoction or instant coffee powder to a cup. Pour in 100 ml of coconut milk. Add stevia or other natural zero-carb sweeteners of your choice. Mix well and drink.

You can put this in the microwave for a minute if you want to drink the coffee hot.

Some people also add a chunk of butter to the coffee. I did not like the taste.

Breakfast 10 AM

You can skip breakfast if your coffee still feels full (Remember you have added full-fat coconut milk to it!). If you do feel hungry, feel free to eat 2 eggs for breakfast. I always had eggs for breakfast but created variations in how I ate them.

Some days it was an omelet, other days simple boiled eggs. Unleash your creativity here. Use butter or ghee to cook your omelets and half boils.

Lunch 1 PM

Here are some options I tried for lunch.

  • A south Indian kootu (mixed vegetables with a coconut-based gravy). Add lots of coconuts and avoid lentils and a simple stir fry of veggies.
  • Chinese stir fry with lots of paneer and a bowl of soup
  • A north Indian paneer gravy and a piece of almond flour roti

Snacks 4 PM

You shouldn’t be feeling hungry at this point. However, if you do, the choices are:

  • A glass of green tea
  • A glass of black tea or black coffee (with zero-calorie sweeteners)
  • A handful of mixed nuts (walnuts, pecan nuts, almonds, hazelnuts). Here is a list of nuts and seeds allowed on keto.
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