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From housewives’ housekeeping secrets to corporate green policies and social responsibility practices, green is gradually becoming the norm in society.40oz disposable paper salad bowls Related is how attractive are these products to ordinary people? Ordinary people would choose a green product just because it is green, or because it adds some other benefits to it? I think it is the latter.pla paper cups manufacturer Green innovation experts should always consider these benefits as the main factors to attract potential customers. Disposable plates are advertised as natural and green, but their cost is ten times that of most disposable plates on the market. Although the products he sells are environmentally friendly, most consumers seem to be unable to afford them. They are more willing to buy disposable paper trays that are cheaper than this type of paper trays because they can all be considered “green”.wholesale pla mugs The marketability of the product is also not attractive to potential investors who may wish to make money from tableware.single wall paper cup wholesale

Today, the pursuit of “green” and sustainable development can be very expensive, sometimes beyond the reach of ordinary people.white plain paper tray When I watched this TV show, I thought that what this young man’s green product might lack is the “value for money” aspect of the product. The question is “Are these products worth the money?” This is a relative term that can only be determined by consumers’ satisfaction from the product. Satisfaction depends on whether his or her needs are met, which varies from person to person. bagasse bowl wholesale If these plates are reusable instead of disposable, consumers may buy them at a higher price. Another person might buy it because of its aesthetic and decorative value rather than as a dinner plate. Manufacturers or sellers of green products should always look for other potential benefits before marketing their products. 8×10 paper bags“Green” should be attractive to ordinary people.2.5oz paper cups
The attractiveness of green products can also be enhanced by their durability. A green product that can be used for a longer period of time is more attractive than a product that you can only use for a short time. The production of green products should always increase all social, economic and health benefits. Products that are not beneficial in all these aspects cannot truly be considered sustainable.

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