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I wanted to offer support and for some reason, I’m unable to reply to any posts.  Hopefully you guys will see this message. 

If you’re feeling depressed after surgery, I think that happens to a lot of people.  I had a lap-band and experienced the same feelings.  Food always gave me a quick hit of dopamine.  It gave me comfort and was my go-to crutch for when I felt down.  And that was partially why I became so huge.  I have to say that my depression got better once I found a good replacement to fill that food void in my life.  If your depression lingers, definitely talk to a doctor about that. 

For upset stomach, ask the doctor for some medicine.  You don’t have to suffer through it.  I dealt with it for a week before I thought to call the doc.  I wish I’d done it earlier.

If you’re gaining weight, I know that’s a downer.  I feel horrible when I gain.  I think it’s a good idea to hunker down and really track those calories.  Every bit of what goes into your mouth should be written down.  Show the doc and see what you can do differently.  

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This should be fixed. Thank You

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