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Updated on September 7, 2019 in Medical Tourism
2 on September 6, 2019

I recently bought a consumer guidebook to medical tourism called Patients Beyond Borders and it’s filled with great info.  According to a reviewer, the older edition contains cost estimations broken up by country for many of the surgical procedures  you might choose.  The latest version lacks that information so keep that mind if it’s important to you. I just thought I’d share since I know I’m not the only person here who has expressed interest in going overseas for weight-loss surgery.

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1 on September 6, 2019

Thanks for sharing!  I’ll pass this information on to my sister, she still wants to have sleeve surgery overseas.

on September 7, 2019

From what I’m finding there are tons of good doctors in India and Mexico who perform weight-loss surgery regularly and their patients have excellent outcomes.  It’s worth a shot in my opinion.

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