5 week postop eating worries

4 on April 8, 2019

Hello everyone, I’m new to the site and was hoping I could get some advice/guidance from you kind folk.

I have spent a little bit of time trawling the site but have not come across any posts that are similar, so please forgive me if I’m going over old ground.

5 weeks ago I went under the knife (in U.K.) and had Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.

Now albeit I’m 5 weeks down the road I am struggling to take in the amount of food/fluids I’ve been asked to by my bariatric team.

At present I can just about manage around 5 teaspoons of yoghurt for breakfast (7am) and just about another 5 teaspoons of yoghurt/soup for dinner (around 6pm). In between all this I am only able to consume just over a litre (max) of fluids throughout the day.

Comparing this to what my bariatric team are asking of me, 4 meals a day plus 2 snacks and at least 2 litres of fluids. I really feel I am struggling. I have absolutely zero energy, i guess not surprising when the pot of yoghurt only contains 81 calories.
Throughout the day I get the feeling that deep down I want to throw up all the time. Similar to the foamies but not if that makes any sense. Feeling like the esophagus to the stomach has filled up.

I work as an Aircraft Engineer, my job is quite physical and does require a lot of attention and energy which I simply have not got. I honestly feel faint after standing for 10 minutes and have to go and sit down.

I’ve watched hundreds of YouTube videos to get recipie ideas to try and boost my food intake/energy levels and quite frankly, I am in awe of the portion sizes I see people eating as there is no way in hell I can get anywhere near those portion sizes. Now i know everyone is different but i am just getting a little concerned that being 5 weeks out i just cannot eat anything with any sustenance.

Have any of you had a similar experience or can offer any advice on things to do/try???

I thank you for taking the time to read this and really appreciate any advice you may be able to share. Many thanks in advance,

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0 on July 10, 2019

Hi, Damian. I’m no expert, and I’m just two weeks past my surgery, but I think I’ve read similar experiences somewhere else. It probably has something with the acid reflux. Are you taking medicines for those or others which may promote the reflux?

As I’m not a professional, I may be wrong, so it’s also recommended to consult with your surgery team. I hope for the best!

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0 on July 10, 2019

Good morning Misty,

Congrats on your surgery and hope that you are recovering well.

You are absolutley correct and a lot of the cause was down to acid reflux.

I am now taking Omeprazole to try and counter act this, I can say that my eating/drinking habits have improved somewhat.

I can just about manage a litre and a half of fluids for my daily dosage but I do notice if I leave it too long between drinks I do tend to get a few dizzy spells. So have to make a conscious effort to continuously drink and avoid dehydration.

Other than that, every day is a new learning day, trying new things to see what my body likes and dislikes. Again just got to be careful and mindful of what I am eating so as to not fall back into old habits.

Best wishes to you and hope your weight loss journey goes well


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1 on July 14, 2019

I’m glad to hear that! I hope you’re feeling much better by now. We don’t feel dehydrated that strongly probably because of our new stomach size, so we have to make conscious efforts to drink a lot. I should be careful of my fluid intake too.

Other than taking drugs, do you get other tips from the surgery team or someone else on how to handle the acid reflux?

on July 14, 2019

I will be honest and say that my after care has been very poor considering the nature of gastric surgery.

Since my discharge from hospital in March I’ve only had one appointment with the bariatric nurse, upon which they suggested I try Omeprazole to counteract the acid reflux and two weeks ago an appointment with the dietitian to follow up on how my eating has changed and how much weight I’ve lost.

Apart from that, all the rest I’ve found out thanks to Google and a lot of these forums.

I have only just this morning recieved another follow up appointment to see the bariatric nurse on the 29th October and have been asked to submit some bloods.

I should imagine my Vitamin D dosage will be increased as I work nights and it was suggested that I start taking some calcium supplements as well to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

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